We are committed to providing our customers with a consistent experience when it comes to consuming our imagery in their applications. During a review of our WMS interface we identified three issues that don't live up to these high standards and we have addressed them.

These changes only affect our Australian WMS service, not our WMS United States service.

Whilst the changes improve the overall WMS experience, a small number of customers will need to make adjustments on their end as a result.

Change 1 - Datum Transformation for Latest Layers

We have identified an issue where all Latest layers (Australia latest, <State> latest, <Survey> latest) were datum shifted using an incorrect epoch of 2008 when using any of the GDA94 projections. This means that for imagery taken in 2017 the shift could be inaccurate by as much as 0.6m.

How does this affect you?

If you are using any of the "Latest" layers AND you use one of GDA94 projections you will see a shift of about 0.5-0.6 m when the fix is rolled out. You do not need to make any changes to take advantage of this fix.

Change 2 - Fix Layers that were Unable to Load Previously

There were a small number of layers for which imagery was not loaded at all. Those have now been fixed and can be added in your WMS applications:

  • NSW.Nowra.00 2016-05-29
  • Nowra 2014-06-21
  • QLD.GoldCoast.01 2016-05-28

You do not need to take any action to take advantage of this improvement.

Change 3 - Rename Surveys that have an "X" Suffix

We have introduced a new survey naming scheme and some surveys now have an "X" suffix. Those surveys have very similar footprints to their counterparts without an "X" and cause confusion when trying to pick an explicit date. We will be removing the "X" suffix from those surveys which means that all dates for one survey will be available in one place. For example "QLD.Toowoomba.02X 2017-03-10" will be renamed to "QLD.Toowoomba.02 2017-03-10" and will be available under the "QLD.Toowoomba.02" node.

We pride ourselves on providing a reliable interface for consuming maps, be it through our MapBrowser or through our API. As a result, this change will be rolled out in two stages to guarantee that you have no interruptions to your work. For a period of time both the "X" and the non-"X" versions will be available, giving you plenty of time to make the switch.

What do you need to do?

Starting now you can switch to the same imagery using the survey without the "X". Using our earlier example, if you are using "QLD.Toowoomba.02X 2017-03-10", you can now switch to "QLD.Toowoomba.02 2017-03-10". The latter layer will be guaranteed to work after the upgrade.

Which surveys are affected?

Here is the full list of affected surveys. If you are using any of these in your WMS projects, please switch over to the non-"X" version now.

  • NSW.Berry.00X
  • NSW.Bathurst.00X
  • NSW.CentralCoast.00X
  • NSW.Gosford.00X
  • NSW.Newcastle.00X
  • NSW.Sydney.20X
  • NSW.Sydney.23X
  • NSW.Sydney.26X
  • NSW.Sydney.27X
  • NSW.Sydney.28X
  • NSW.Wollongong.01X
  • NSW.Wollongong.02X
  • QLD.Chinchilla.00X
  • QLD.GoldCoast.01X
  • QLD.GoldCoast.02X
  • QLD.Gympie.00X
  • QLD.Ipswich.01X
  • QLD.Ipswich.02X
  • QLD.Mapleton.00X
  • QLD.Toowoomba.01X
  • QLD.Toowoomba.02X
  • SA.Adelaide.01X
  • SA.Adelaide.02X
  • SA.Adelaide.03X
  • SA.MountBarker.00X
  • SA.MurrayBridge.00X
  • SA.Tanunda.00X
  • SA.VictorHarbor.00X
  • TAS.Devonport.00X
  • TAS.Hobart.00X
  • TAS.Launceston.00X
  • VIC.Albury.00X
  • VIC.Ballarat.01X
  • VIC.Ballarat.02X
  • VIC.Bendigo.00X
  • VIC.Bunyip.00X
  • VIC.Castlemaine.00X
  • VIC.Daylesford.00X
  • VIC.Echuca.00X

  • VIC.Frankston.00X
  • VIC.Geelong.01X
  • VIC.Geelong.02X
  • VIC.Horsham.00X
  • VIC.Kerang.00X
  • VIC.Lorne.00X
  • VIC.Macedon.02X
  • VIC.Melbourne.01X
  • VIC.Melbourne.02X
  • VIC.Melbourne.03X
  • VIC.Melton.01X
  • VIC.Melton.02X
  • VIC.Mildura.00X
  • VIC.Mornington.00X
  • VIC.Seville.00X
  • VIC.Shepparton.00X
  • VIC.Traralgon.00X
  • VIC.Wangaratta.00X
  • VIC.Warrnambool.00X
  • WA.Albany.00X
  • WA.Alkimos.00X
  • WA.BarrowIsland.00X
  • WA.Broome.00X
  • WA.Busselton.00X
  • WA.Geraldton.00X
  • WA.Kalgoorlie.00X
  • WA.Karratha.00X
  • WA.Mandurah.00X
  • WA.MargaretRiver.00X
  • WA.Mundaring.00X
  • WA.Onslow.00X
  • WA.Perth.01X
  • WA.Perth.02X
  • WA.Perth.03X
  • WA.PortHedland.00X
  • WA.Roebourne.00X
  • WA.Serpentine.00X