Customers who have a current subscription which includes the Nearmap ImpactResponse product will receive exclusive access to new post-catastrophe surveys once the surveys have been published. 

Post-Catastrophe Events

The following event types, which have a significant impact on infrastructure, or property where customer interests are affected, are included in the North America Nearmap Post-Catastrophe program:

Event TypeSeason Definition


June to September 
  • Severity: Areas with significant impact on infrastructure or property
  • Area: At least 200 square kilometres
  • Population: Over 10,000
HurricanesJune to November
  • Severity: CAT-2 or above during declared hurricane season.
    We use this classification by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a point of reference in determining the criteria for capture for hurricanes.
  • Area: Minimum of 1000 square kilometres
  • Population: Over 10,000
TornadosApril to June
  • Severity: Tornado EF2 or above on the Enhanced Fujita Scale by the National Weather Service
  • Area: At least 200 square kilometres
  • Population: More than 100,000 in accordance with the US 2020 Census data

ImpactResponse subscription

Customers will need to have a current subscription which includes access to the Nearmap ImpactResponse product to view post-catastrophe imagery.

OperationAvailable for ImpactResponse surveys
View imagery(tick)
Elevation profile(error)
Export high resolution and georeferenced imagery(error)
Image timestamp (source photo)(error)
Tile API(tick)
WMS v2(tick)
Coverage API v2(tick)
ArcGIS Online Marketplace(error)
AI Feature API(error)