Nearmap derives its AI data from the latest available aerial imagery, which is consistent across our coverage areas due to our advanced and technically superior capture program. To get the most out of Nearmap AI, use it to:

  • Refine and correct your existing data by comparing it with one that is updated frequently and consistently, allowing you to highlight areas of change .
  • Build an information system using AI data. For example, gather data on all the houses in a suburb that have solar panels installed.

This section discusses several ways in which you can use Nearmap AI to automate your workflow, increase efficiency, and ensure your data is more accurate and up-to-date. Before doing this, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the following concepts and mechanisms on which AI data accuracy can be evaluated:

Where do I start?

Sign up to Nearmap AI and get to know the data in your area - establish it as a source of truth. Current Nearmap AI subscriptions give you the ability to do an annual refresh, so you will have a fully updated data set that you can compare against your first one. If you need to move faster, by getting two dates to compare when you sign up, talk to your Nearmap Account Manager about offline delivery.

Make sure you read our other AI articles to help you understand what packages are available with Nearmap AI and how to visualise AI layers and Export AI parcel data from MapBrowser. Also refer to the following workflow examples covered in this section: