So your organisation or university has a Nearmap subscription and you would like to use it. That's fantastic! Here's how to go about it.

Choose one of these options:

I've never used Nearmap before

You will need to be invited by your Nearmap administrator.

If you're not sure who your Nearmap administrator is, please read How do I find out who is my organisation's Nearmap administrator?

Administrators: Please refer to the instructions on How to Invite Users to your Nearmap account. You can also refer to the tutorial video on how to add and manage users.

Once you have received an invitation to join Nearmap, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click Accept Invitation in the email you receive from Nearmap:

    This will open the the invitation form in your web browser.

  2. Fill in the invitation form, and click Accept Invitation:

I'm not sure if I have an active Nearmap account

Please go to and submit the email address that you use within your organisation/university:

Check your inbox (and spam folder) for an email with a link to reset your password. If you don't receive an email, it means that you don't have an active Nearmap account, or that your account has been deactivated. 

In this case you will need to contact your Nearmap administrator to get invited to Nearmap (see I've never used Nearmap before), or to reactivate your account.

How do I find out who is my organisation's Nearmap administrator?

Are you not sure who your administrator is? We’d recommend that you reach out to your direct manager, or the team within your organisation that assists with third-party services/subscriptions.

If you have an IT department or Help Desk team, they may be able to point you in the right direction. Help Desk info can sometimes be found on your organisation's website.

You can try contacting the GIS department in your organisation, if you have one. They might be able to direct you to your Nearmap administrator.

How did you find out about your company's Nearmap subscription? Ask the person who told you about it who they contacted to get access.

If you are a student a good point of contact would be the lecturer of the course for which you require Nearmap imagery, or your Library Services department.

Please note that for privacy reasons, the Nearmap Support team will not be able to disclose who is your organisation's administrator. If you raise a support case requesting this, we will have to direct you back to these suggestions for how to find out who your administrator is.