Support for Mobile and Tablet Devices

MapBrowser has been designed to ensure users get an equally great experience on smaller devices as they do on larger screens.

Most features will work across all screen sizes. In some instances, we have chosen not to include a feature on mobile or tablet due to the nature of using that feature on a smaller screen.

The measurement tools are also available on mobile and tablet devices. 

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Content availability

The table below shows content type availability on touch devices.

VerticalPanorama / ObliqueTrue Ortho 3DAI


view/ snapshot


Offline Version of MapBrowser

We do not have an offline version of MapBrowser. To use MapBrowser on a mobile or tablet device, you will need a data connection. 

While you can't browse surveys offline in MapBrowser, you can export a range of content based on an area of interest you define. The type of content you can export depends on your Nearmap subscription. See Export Vertical Content from MapBrowser for more information.

What About the Old MapBrowser?

Our legacy MapBrowser product is MapBrowser Classic

Check out the differences between Classic and our current MapBrowser:
MapBrowser Feature Comparison

MapBrowser Troubleshooting