This guide describes how to load georeferenced Nearmap imagery in Geocortex Web (GXW) using a Nearmap item found in ArcGIS Marketplace. The process includes creating a Web Map and a Web Scene in ArcGIS Online.

Note: Both Geocortex and ArcGIS Online are not Nearmap products, and as such any support you may need should be directed to Geocortex or Esri. Please contact Geocortex support by visiting the Geocortex Support Center.

This guide is intended to give you general instructions on how to view Nearmap imagery in Geocortex Web (GXW), and might not reflect the latest version of the application.

1. Create a web map in ArcGIS Online using the a Nearmap item found in ArcGIS Marketplace

  1. Login to ArcGIS Online: and click the Map tab.
  2. Click Add  Search for Layers:

  3. Select ArcGIS Online from the My Content drop-down menu:

  4. In the Search for layers box search for the Nearmap item you want to use, e.g. Nearmap US Vertical Imagery, then click Add to Map.* Then press ← to return to your map.

    *You must first be provisioned to access Nearmap’s content through the Esri Marketplace, for instructions on how to do this, see Request and Share Nearmap Imagery via ArcGIS Online Marketplace.

  5. To enable historical imagery, select options on the layer, and go to Image Filter.
    Adjust the slider to change the range of available dates.
    Select one date at a time and Add as New Layer.


  6. Save the map: click the Save icon, then click Save and add Title, Tags, and Summary, then click SAVE MAP:

2. Share the map with groups inside your organization

  1. Click the Share icon and select who can view the map, then click DONE.

Note: Do not make the map public. 

3. Download and add 3D Data to ArcGIS Online Web Scene

  1. Go to Nearmap’s MapBrowser, and select an area to download in 3D*.
  2. Select SLPK as the file export type, select your capture data and download.
  3. Once processing is complete, download the SLPK and save it to your computer.
    See Exporting 3D for more information on exporting 3D imagery from MapBrowser.

    *In order to download 3D data from Nearmap, you need to purchase access to our 3D Export Option

  4. In ArcGIS Online click on the Content tab.
  5. Select Add Item > From my computer
  6. Click Choose File and browse to the location where you saved the 3D data downloaded from MapBrowser. Then press Add Item.

  7. Click the Scene tab and press New Scene.

  8. Add Data to the Scene, browse to the SLPK file that you uploaded to ArcGIS Online and press the + button.

  9. Press DONE then press SAVE SCENE. Enter a name for your scene and add tags. Press SAVE.

  10. Go back to My Content (from the Content tab) and click on the name of the Scene you just saved.

  11. Share the scene with groups within your organisation.

4. Add the 2D and 3D scenes as layers inside of Geocortex

  1. Open Geocortex Web (GXW):
  2. Click the 2D-3D Information Access Template.

    You can do this inside of several different Geocortex applications, in this example we will use the 2D-3D Information Access Template.

  3. In the right-hand panel, click 3D.

  4. Map panel, and under Web Map, select the 2D Web Map that you created using the Nearmap Marketplace Item. It will automatically load that layer.

  5. To Add the 3D data, press the Select button under the Web Scene, and browse to the Scene that was just created using the SLPK downloaded from MapBrowser. This will also automatically display.

Now you can view Nearmap 2D and 3D Imagery at the same time.