This guide takes you through the steps of loading Nearmap Imagery to Geocortex. There are two ways to do this:

Using Nearmap's WMS 2.0 in Geocortex Essentials Viewer for HTML5 (GVH)

Use Nearmap’s WMS 2.0 to import content into your Geocortex environment using a Service Connection in Geocortex Essentials Viewer for HTML5 (GVH). The benefit of using Nearmap’s WMS 2.0 is that the imagery can be natively delivered in NAD83, State Plane coordinate systems in the United States, and also includes GDA2020 for Australia. This service also allows you to access historical imagery as well as geofence the service to only include the areas you are interested in.

Read the Geocortex Essentials Viewer for HTML5 (GVH) - WMS 2.0 Integration guide.

Using Esri's ArcGIS Marketplace Item in Geocortex Web (GXW)

This method allows you to create a web map and a web scene in ArcGIS Online and bring them into Geocortex Web (GXW) using Nearmap's easy-to-use ArcGIS Marketplace item. The ArcGIS Marketplace item gives you access to all of Nearmap’s high-resolution content in a way that makes it easy to manage from within your ArcGIS Online organization. No API Keys are necessary, just create the web map in ArcGIS Online, and then connect to it using the Web Map Service type in Geocortex Web (GXW).

Read the Geocortex Web (GXW) - ArcGIS Marketplace Item Integration guide.