Integrating Nearmap Imagery into Intergraph GeoMedia Professional 6.1 Using WMS

These instructions apply to Intergraph® GeoMedia® Professional 6.1 and describe how to load georeferenced Nearmap imagery using Web Map Service (WMS).

Rather than import a single image of a small area, WMS allows GeoMedia to request the imagery directly from the Nearmap server in a variety of map projections.


To consume Nearmap imagery via WMS, you must first create a Simple or Custom WMS Service, which generates a URL for you to copy to your computer's clipboard. Once you have done that, you can conveniently paste it into your application as required.

For more information, check out the WMS 2.0 Integration documentation.

Loading Imagery

  1. Open GeoMedia Desktop.

  2. Open Warehouse Connections and click New Warehouse Connection.

  3. In the New Connection window, select WMS.

  4. Enter your preferred connection name and connection description.

  5. In the Web Map Service (WMS) URL field, paste the WMS URL that you copied to your clipboard earlier.

  6. Click OK to add the WMS server, then click Close in the Connections window that appears.

  7. In the blank GeoMedia workspace, right-click in the left hand Legend panel and choose Add... to add the layer(s).

  8. The Add Legend Entries window should open, showing a list of available Nearmap WMS layers. Some layers are nationwide, others cover single states or cities. It's best to choose a single state or city because locally optimal map projections are not available for nationwide survey layers.

    Selecting the City or State layer will always give you the most recent imagery available for your location of interest.

    Choose only the layer(s) that you want to load, individually selected, and click OK. If you try to load all the layers, you may end up in an infinite loading cycle.

The survey layer(s) should now be loaded into the map window.