There are some simple ways to export content out of MapBrowser for you to use in your own application or for presentation purposes.

You can take a snapshot of the map area of the screen. This will give you a simple .PNG file at the same resolution as your screen with no geo-referenced information. Snapshot is not available for 3D content.

Provided you have subscription to the content, you can export Vertical imagery from MapBrowser. To export 3D and AI content, you also need export permissions. Learn more here: Manage a User's 3D or AI Export Permissions.

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The table below shows the exportable content types and file formats available in MapBrowser






at screen resolution



  • high resolution image
  • Georeferenced image
    .JPG and .JGW*

  • textured mesh
    .OBJ, .SLPK, .3MX, .Cesium, .FBX
  • point cloud
  • DSM
  • TrueOrtho
AI (parcel data) GeoPackage

* .JGW files are exported with the .JPG file to provide georeferencing information. You cannot view nor import files in .JGW format in MapBrowser.

Printing from MapBrowser

To print the map area of the screen, take a Snapshot and print that. Snapshot is not available for 3D content.