There are some simple ways to export content out of MapBrowser for you to use in your own application or for presentation purposes.

You can take a snapshot of the map area of the screen. This will give you a simple .PNG file at the same resolution as your screen with no geo-referenced information.

Provided you have subscription to the content, you can export Vertical imagery from MapBrowser. To export 3D and AI content, you also need export permissions. Learn more here: Manage a User's 3D or AI Export Permissions.

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Printing from MapBrowser

To print the map area of the screen, take a Snapshot and print that.

The table below shows the exportable content types and file formats available in MapBrowser.






at screen resolution



high resolution image


Geo-referenced image


  • textured mesh
    .OBJ, .SLPK, .3MX, .Cesium, .FBX
  • point cloud
  • DSM
  • TrueOrtho
AI (parcel data) GeoPackage