Let's explore the MapBrowser interface - available options, toolbars, controls and display.

The first time you log into MapBrowser, you will be taken to the default location depending on your location.

  • US users - Capitol building in Austin Texas
  • Australia users - Sydney CBD
  • New Zealand users - Auckland CBD


Consists of a variety of options that allow you to  view map elements, organise your work, and export and download data.

Search bar

Use this to search for a location

ToolbarConsists of tools to measure and annotate
Right-click (context) menu

Accessed by right-clicking in the map area and feature layers. This contains options for the current map or a selected object.

Navigation tools

Consists of options to view your current location, and view a location from different viewpoints.

Map viewing tools

Consists of options to view a location from different perspectives, and on different survey dates.

Scale Bar

The scale bar is displayed on all base layers, and changes automatically depending on your zoom level.

The scale is displayed automatically in meters for Australian users, and feet for US users. 

Familiar with MapBrowser's interface? Want to view locations and content? Click the links below: