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This sections includes the following topics:

A 408 Error Appears When Accessing

If you see the error code 408 when trying to access, this may be due to a delay caused by your anti-virus software.

Please try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software to determine whether the issue remains. If this solves the problem, then you need to add the following to your list of trusted sites, then re-enable your anti-virus software.

The Measure and Save PhotoMaps Tools are Unavailable

If the Line, Path, Area, Circle, and Save PhotoMaps features are included in your account, but you find yourself unable to access them, the maps may be set to MultiView (obliques) or Terrain. Only the overhead PhotoMap supports these features. If you switch to the PhotoMap view using the button in the upper right corner, the functionality should be restored.

If you are missing the toolbar altogether, we strongly recommend trying a different web browser, or if that is not an option, upgrading to the latest version of your current web browser.

Restoring Missing Toolbar Icons

Nearmap's toolbar is designed to identify how much vertical screen resolution you have available and resize appropriately so that you can access all the icons.

Certain obsolete web browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 cannot use this functionality, so you may find that the icon for a tool you want to use is not shown.

If this is the case, you can still access these tools but you'll need to hide some icons in order to see the other ones. If you right-click an icon you don't need at the moment, you'll see an option to Hide This Tool and an option to Show Hidden Tools.

Use these two options to hide tools you don't use in order to access the ones you need. In some cases you may need to refresh your browser window before the toolbar looks right. The F5 key will do this in most browsers.

Stack Overflow Error

If you are using an older unsupported browser, you may sometimes see a stack overflow error message such as the following:

This primarily seems to occur in Internet Explorer 7 or 8. To solve the problem, please upgrade to a modern web browser. Nearmap supports the last three versions of the major browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 through 11, Firefox, and Safari). If you are not sure which to choose, Chrome is recommended.

Having Trouble Accessing Nearmap

If you are having trouble accessing Nearmap, and you have a current subscription, please check the following before raising a support case:

  • Is your username / email address verified? You may need to check your email inbox for an activation email from Nearmap and click the link in the email to verify your email.

  • Is your subscription current? Your credit card may have expired between renewals, or may not have been charged correctly.

  • Could an expired browser cookie be interfering with your login? Simply clear your browser cookies and cache. See these instructions for clearing your cookies as well as instructions for clearing your cache. Please note these websites are not affiliated with Nearmap.

  • Can you access Nearmap through a different web browser? While our site is compatible with almost all modern browsers, sometimes one browser can get in a non-working state while others continue to work fine.

  • Can you access Nearmap through a different network connection? Proxy servers and firewalls can block Nearmap or lead to errors, so it can be very helpful to try logging into Nearmap on a smartphone that uses mobile 3G/4G data instead of your Wifi signal.

If the above did not help you, we'll be happy to assist if you raise the issue with us via the "Email Us" link on the right side of this page. Please provide as much information as possible, including when the problem began.

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