This guide explains how to view Nearmap historical imagery in ArcGIS Online.

Note: This tool was not created by Nearmap. It is built, updated, and supported by Esri. If you experience issues with this tool, or would like to see improvements, please contact Esri Support or your Esri Representative.

Step 1 - Add Imagery

Add the imagery to your AGOL Web Mapping Application from your ArcGIS Online Organization.

Then right click on the layer drop-down menu, and select Image Filter:

Step 2 - Filter Image

In the Image Filter dialog, you have two options for sorting the imagery. One of them involves a timeline (the default option), the other is selecting dates of imagery from a drop-down menu.

Option 1

Select the Settings option, and disable “Show Time”. The time field is irrelevant to the imagery, and this cleans up the display to make the tool easier to work with:

Now you can select the date or range of dates using the time slider tool:

You can select a date, and add it as a new layer. This will add all imagery from that survey, from that specific date, as a layer – not just what you are viewing currently.

Here is an example:

Nearmap imagery from 3/6/2016 is added as a layer, and it added the entire survey bounds for that date as a layer.

Note: There is an option to select multiple dates at once and add them as a layer. This does not result in multiple layers, it just adds one layer. If you would like multiple layer dates, you must add them individually.

Option 2

You can change the field from “acquisitiondate” to “nmd” to get a cleaner interface to work with:

This results in a drop-down menu where you can select the date individually, and add it as a layer.


Now you can save these layers and use them across your organization and in your Web Mapping Applications.