The Elevation Profile tool in MapBrowser allows you to draw a line (or path) across an area of interest and visualise the elevation model along the selected line.

To access the elevation tool in MapBrowser, draw a line or path and select the Elevation Profile checkbox:

At the bottom of the screen, a panel will appear with a graph of the elevation from one end of the line/path to the other. The starting point of the path you created will be on the left.

If you move your cursor along the graph, a tooltip will appear (as shown above) showing the elevation, distance along the path for that location. You will also see a blue dot at the corresponding point on the map path.

Basis of profile

The Nearmap data are calculated based on imagery, so the elevation values you see are based on a Digital Surface Model rather than a Digital Terrain Model. Consequently the Nearmap elevation will more closely represent the tops of buildings rather than the ground underneath (please note the Nearmap data are not currently recommended for determining building height).

Vertical datum