Access your downloads at any time by clicking the Downloads button in the Sidebar.

Downloading content

Click Downloads. The Downloads screen will open, showing your downloads list and the status of each download, including the current one.

Depending on what you have exported and wish to download, click 3D EXPORTS or AI EXPORTS.

When the download is ready, you can expand the row to see what files are included in the export. 

Click on each content block to download the files. 

Once downloaded, you can use the files in one of the third-party applications. See INTEGRATIONS.

Download Status

PendingThe export is about to start.  This is displayed for a few seconds after you click the  EXPORT   button.

The export is currently being processed by MapBrowser. This may take any time from seconds to a few hours depending on:

  • The size of the export area
  • The terrain of the export area
  • The requested file types.

At this point, your data allowance has not yet been deducted for this export.

Ready for DownloadThe export has been correctly processed and you can download the content. 

The export has failed. In the rare case where this may happen, contact Nearmap Support.