This feature is in beta and the sign-ups for the beta are closed.

We are leaving this documentation available for existing customers.

Nearmap offers Delegated Authentication to eligible customers.

Please contact your Nearmap account manager to find out if you are eligible.

What is Delegated Authentication?

Delegated Authentication allows the Nearmap users on your account to authenticate against your user directory. e.g Active Directory, instead of using Nearmap credentials. 

The Benefits 

  • Password policies, such as complexity and frequency of change, are managed by your organisation.
  • Your users will have one less password to remember.
  • Your account will be more secure as users are less likely to share their username and password.
  • New starters can be automatically setup on first login, reducing the need for you to invite new users to your account. This is available if you select what we call 'Just-in-Time Provisioning'.

Supported Active Directories

We are able to support integration with AD FS, Azure AD and OKTA. Other types may be possible on request.

Next Steps

After your Nearmap account manager approves your eligibility to use Delegated Authentication, we will contact you to let you know what configuration we would like you to do.