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Nearmap's Digital Surface Model (DSM) is a data set that represents a model of elevation of various points on the earth's surface.

The DSM digital data set is designed for elevation analytics and raster processing. Each position on the map has x, y values, with a single z value that is the altitude of the highest point at that coordinate.

Delivery and Supported Formats

The 3D products are delivered either online using MapBrowser 3D Export, or offline or via Secure Cloud Transfer. 

For offline 3D content please contact your Nearmap account manager.

The supported formats are:

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export
.TIF (GeoTIFF 32 bit floating point)Various

.ASCII Various

GeoTIFF is the preferred format. Other raster formats are typically much larger in size.

Large DSM export has a tile size limit of 18000 x 18000 pixel at 15cm resolution (approx 3km x 3km).

Viewing DSM in Third-Party Applications

You can view Nearmap DSM content in the following third-party application: 

Product Constraints

3D reconstruction is determined by the ability to reliably resolve objects from at least two different viewing angles.

Objects hidden or occluded would not be reconstructed reliably, as well as: 

  • Ambiguous features, such as reflective surfaces, featureless surfaces, thin features, and complex features such as trees
  • Objects that are less than 40cm in size 
  • Objects that are beneath another object, or semi-obtruded
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