This page describes how to manage locations and notifications on your Watchlist. You will be notified when we publish new imagery that contains a location on your Watchlist.

Creating your Watchlist

You can add items to your Watchlist with the Marker Tool. Search for a location, insert and marker and add click ADD TO WATCHLIST within the panel in the Inspector Panel.

In MapBrowser Classic select the Add to Watchlist option within the location panel.

You will start receiving emails to the address your administrator has specified when updated imagery becomes available for the location that you have selected.

Once a location has been added to your Watchlist, you can manage it from your Watchlist page. A link to your Watchlist will also be provided in the notifications that we send you.

From your Watchlist, you can:

  1. Stop watching a location -  Select the location row and click Delete in the top right. 
  2. Link to the most recent imagery for the location - Click the location name. The imagery for the location will be displayed in MapBrowser.
  3. Elect to stop receiving notifications via email, but continue to watch the location - Click Notification to turn notifications on or off. 

If you have trouble directly accessing imagery from the email, try logging in first, then accessing the link.


You can filter the locations in your watchlist by the ones for which notifications are on or off. If neither option is selected, all locations in your watchlist are displayed.

To filter your watchlist, click Filter and select one of the options.

You can also search for any text contained in your location name.

Click Search (next to Filter), and type the required search term.