This guide describes how to load georeferenced Nearmap imagery in Cityworks using the REST Image Server option associated with our ArcGIS Marketplace item. The process includes creating an image map in ArcGIS Online.

Note: Both Cityworks and ArcGIS Online are not Nearmap products, and as such any support you may need should be directed to Cityworks or Esri. Please contact Cityworks support by emailing

This guide is intended to give you general instructions on how to view Nearmap imagery in Cityworks, and might not reflect the latest version of the application.

  1. Copy the URL you need from below:


    Alternatively you can also obtain the URL from the ArcGIS Marketplace.

  2. Go to GIS Services in the Cityworks application:

    1. Login to Cityworks.

      Note: If you don't have a Cityworks account, you can request an account via this link:

    2. Go to the Designer screen, either via Admin Designer, or Site Manager → Designer.

    3. Select GIS Services.

  3. Add a new GIS Service Resource:
    1. Under GIS Service Resources click Add.

    2. Click Add again.

    3. Select Image Map as the Service Type. Name the service - it doesn't need to match the name of the Web Map in ArcGIS Online. Pate the URL that you copied in step 1, then click Add.

  4. Add the resource details:
    1. Set the Security Type to Token.

    2. Enter as the Token URL.

    3. Enter your ArcGIS Online user ID in User Id.

    4. Click Set Password and enter your ArcGIS Online password.

    5. Click Test Security. You should see a Security is Valid message.

  5. Go to the Service Definitions tab, and select the map, then select the Map Service that you just created, in this case it is the Nearmap REST Service.

  6. Go back to the Service Resources tab and add Geocode, Geometry, and Print services.

    Note: Once you add Geocode, Geometry and Print you don’t need to add them again. 

    1. Click Add, then name the service Geocode, enter the following URL, and select Geocode as the Service Type.

      Click Add.

    2. Click Add, then name the service Geometry, enter the following URL, and select Geometry as the Service Type.

      Click Add.

    3. Click Add, then name the service Print, enter the following URL, and select Print Task as the Service Type.

      Click Add.

  7. Click on the map icon in the top right to launch your map.

  8. When prompted enter your Cityworks credentials to proceed.

  9. Select Legend, then click Nearmap REST Service (being the name of the service you set up). If you can't see Nearmap's imagery click Zoom to layer's extent.