Now that you know how to draw a line or shape to measure, let's take a look at how we can modify or edit lines and shapes. Lines and shapes are referred to as objects here.

Change object's display

You can change an object's display attributes by selecting the object, and using the menu displayed upon selection. You can select the following attributes for any object - lines, rectangles, polygons, or circles:

  • Colour 
  • Brightness
  • Opacity 

Display measurements on the map

Choose whether to show or hide the measurements on the map. These are different depending on whether it's a line, polygon or circle. As a default, all measurements are displayed.

To show/hide measurements:

  1. Select an object. A menu is displayed.
  2. Click Display.
  3. Select the measurements to show or clear the selection to hide the measurements.

MapBrowser will remember any change you make to these attributes, and display them when you log on to MapBrowser subsequently. MapBrowser will also apply these settings when you add an object of the same type. For example,  a change in the colour, brightness, opacity or display attribute of a rectangle will be retained even after you log out of MapBrowser, and be applied to all rectangles added subsequently until you change the attributes again.