Descartes is a Bentley online application, which offers a toolset for integrating 3D imagery into information modeling workflows.

You can use Descartes to easily display Nearmap's 3D textured mesh imagery.

The 3D imagery is delivered in geo-referenced 3MX files.

Note: Descartes is a Bentley product, and as such any support you may need should be directed to Bentley.

This guide is intended to give you general instructions on how to view Nearmap 3D imagery in Descartes, and might not reflect the latest version of the application.

Tested version at time of document release: 2017.

  1. Open Descartes and click New File:

  2. Give the file a name. A design file (.dgn) will be created:

  3. Select Attach → Reality Mesh:

  4.  Browse and select the local .3MX file you wish to view: 

  5. You can now measure distances and angles: