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We would like to notify our Australian customers of changes in our naming conventions for WMS survey layers.

Note: This document applies to Australian Nearmap customers only. WMS layer naming for the USA has not changed.

Previously, Nearmap provided access to individual Australian surveys by date in the following format:

Our naming conventions for survey layers have changed. Recent surveys will now be available under the new naming conventions as follows:

Viewing Survey Layers by Date

To see layers by date for your area of interest:

  1. Expand the Australia layer.

  2. Expand the State layer for your area of interest. 

If your survey date of interest is before 17 April 2015, it will be listed in alphabetical order by the name of the city or town, like this:

If your survey date of interest is on or after 17 April 2015, it will be prefixed by a three-letter state abbreviation, like this:

Viewing the Most Recent Imagery for Your Area of Interest

If you need to view the most recent imagery for your area of interest, there is no need to select a survey by date. The most recent imagery will always be available via the State Latest layers.

For example, to view the latest imagery of Sydney Opera House:

  1. Expand the Australia layer.

  2. Import the NSW layer.

  3. Zoom in on the Opera House.

There is no need to select a Sydney sub-layer to view the latest imagery.

We recommend using state layers over city sub-layers to avoid needing to update references to Nearmap layer names in the event that ours change.

If your GIS or CAD package does not show you the State Latest layers

Some GIS or CAD software packages don't display the State Latest layers in the layer hierarchy. For example, AutoCAD displays layers like this:

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