When using ArcMap's Export Map functionality to save Nearmap WMS imagery as a PDF, some users have reported blank PDFs, or PDFs printing with all elements except Nearmap imagery.

This issue occurs because ArcMap makes a separate request to the Nearmap WMS server for an image at the size required to reach the dpi setting in the Export Map Settings window:

To limit the load on our servers, Nearmap's image download size limit is 6000 x 6000 pixels. We return an error for attempted downloads larger than that. In the case of ArcMap's PDF export functionality, this can result in a failure to export the Nearmap imagery, although a (possibly empty) PDF will still be generated.

There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Use a lower resolution in the PDF export settings.
    Setting the Resolution field to 72 dpi will yield the same pixel resolution as most computer screens. Experimenting with the dpi setting will allow an image that might be higher resolution than that available on a screen, but not as high as 300 dpi. 144 dpi should be a safe bet in most cases.

  2. Use the Save Image feature with a limited area in your browser to generate a geo-referenced image.
    Save Image will render the highest resolution image we can produce, that will in most cases have larger pixel dimensions than the WMS maximum.