ArcGIS Online is an Esri online hosted environment that you can use to display Nearmap's 3D textured mesh imagery. 

The 3D imagery is stored in geo-referenced Scene Layer Packages (.slpk files). 

Note: ArcGIS Online is an Esri product, and as such any support you may need should be directed to Esri.

This guide is intended to give you general instructions on how to view Nearmap 3D imagery in ArcGIS Online, and might not reflect the latest version of the application.

This guide includes the following sections:

Viewing Nearmap 3D Imagery

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Online, and go to Content My Organization → Scenes:

    All the Scene Layer Packages that have been published to your organization are displayed. 

  2. You can click on a Scene link to view the scene's information:

  3. Open the scene in Scene Viewer, either from the scene's information screen, or directly from the Scenes list:

    You can zoom in, tilt, and pan using your mouse.

Measurement Tools

  1. Select the Measure tool from the toolbar, then choose either line or area measurement:

  2. Select the line or area you want to measure, then select the measurement unit:

Daylight Tool

  1. Select the tool from the toolbar:

  2. Drag the Daylight slider left and right to adjust the sunlight and shadows in your scenes at different times of the day. You can also adjust the time and date manually.