This section includes all the additional information you might need about the new MapBrowser:

Reporting Issues

You can easily report issues or give feedback on the new MapBrowser. There are a number of options to do this:

You can go click on the Give Feedback link in the menu. This will open our support request form in a new browser tab.

Submit a Support Request

You can submit a support request by pressing this button:  SUBMIT A SUPPORT REQUEST

Support for Mobile and Tablet Devices

The new MapBrowser is a responsive web application. This means that it has been designed to ensure users get an equally great experience on smaller devices as they do on larger screens.

MapBrowser Features on Mobile and Tablet

Most features will work across all screen sizes. In some instances, we have chosen not to include a feature on mobile or tablet due to the nature of using that feature on a smaller screen.

The measurement tools are also available on mobile and tablet devices. 

Data Usage on Mobile and Tablet

If you are using MapBrowser on your mobile or tablet, you will need a mobile or wireless data connection. This will use the data allowance provided by your mobile or wireless plan. 

Nearmap Usage Plan on New MapBrowser

There is no change to the way usage is calculated. Using the new MapBrowser will consume usage from your plan as usual. All usage will look the same in your Administration portal  MapBrowser Classic and new MapBrowser usage does not get listed separately. 

Offline Version of MapBrowser

We do not have an offline version of MapBrowser or the ability to download areas of interest. To use MapBrowser on a mobile or tablet device, you will need a data connection. 

You can save a .PNG file of the image you see in your browser window, which you can then view on your mobile or tablet device for reference purposes, but you won’t be able to browse’ surveys offline in the app.