There are two ways to access Nearmap AI data - Online and Offline.

Online access

Online access refers to accessing AI data layers via:

  1. MapBrowser to view and export AI data.
    To do this, you must have a Nearmap AI licence and export credits (allowance) for your license. See how you can get access to your company's Nearmap subscription
  2. The AI Feature API, which allows you to retrieve a small Area of Interest (AOI) from our vector map.
    You can use your Nearmap AI export credits to extract a single building at a specific location or even a small neighbourhood. All you need to provide is a polygon for your Query AOI, an optional date range, and your Nearmap API Key. To access the AI Feature API, your organisation must add the "AI Feature API" license to the same subscription as your Nearmap AI license. You must also have access for your user, and an active API Key. Find out how to get an API key. For information on how to use the AI Feature API, see the AI Feature API Getting Started Guide.

Online access is possible only if you are subscribed to the required AI Packs. Note that your export allowance is shared between MapBrowser AI Export and the AI Feature API. For more information, see Allowance and Usage

Use a wired internet connection because a typical download of a million parcels is about 1 GB of data. If you are using Wi-Fi, avoid moving the computer while the download is in progress.

Offline Access 

Offline deliveries of AI content are available and recommended for organisations:

  • Without software engineers who can work with an API
  • That have a single geography in which they work.

A good example would be a local government organisation that wants an offline "map" of their county or LGA.

Nearmap provides the following Offline products:

  • AI Offline Vector
  • AI Offline Raster
  • AI Offline Parcel