You can view the status of your API keys and check the key dates relating to each API key.

  1. Log in to Nearmap at

  2. If you are a normal user, click the My API Keys button. If on the other hand you are an administrator, select API Access from the top menu, and click the My API Keys link.

The API keys table shows the status of the API key. The possible status options are:

  • Active - the API key is active and can be used.
  • Inactive - the API application to which the API key is linked has been made inactive. An account administrator will need to reactivate the application for this key to be used.
  • Stale - the API key may not work with the new APIs, refresh the API key to update it.
  • Expiring - the API key will expire in the next 30 days, refresh the API key to prevent any loss of access.
  • Expired - the API key has expired, refresh the API key to restore access.

To refresh the API key and to view more information about it, click the name of the API application from the table. In addition to the status of the API key, you can see the date the API key was created, when it was last used, and when it expires.

Use the Refresh button to refresh the API key: