Any shape and size of trampoline (rectangular or circular), in a backyard or in a front yard.  Includes both trampolines with and without safety netting around. 

Trampoline with and without safety net

In-ground trampolines

Partially obstructed trampolines

Characteristics and Recommended Use

The practical performance of the trampoline category is outstanding. With high precision and recall (see performance table), the vast majority of false positives are either parcel errors (the Trampoline actually lies in the neighbouring property, and placed on the fence-line), or small, round above ground swimming pools with a black cover that are very difficult for a human to distinguish, without looking at multiple dates of imagery. The vast majority of missed trampolines are due to parcel errors, or being completely or mostly obscured by overhanging trees on the assessment date of the imagery.,151.1287926,21.00z,0d/V/20191022

Confidence Distribution by Region

Please refer to Confidence for a further explanation of this value and best practices in using this score to filter the data according to your use case.

Australian data

US data