A man-made body of water designed for swimming or other leisure activities. Includes covered, poorly maintained (green) and empty pools. Includes hot tubs, outdoor spas, community swimming pools, ocean pools. A new addition to the pack in Gen 5 allows you to inspect the quality of the water in the pool, and flag potential issues indicating poor maintenance or mosquito borne disease risk.


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(tick) "Swimming Pool" feature class (vector polygon).

(tick) Swimming PoolSwimming pool presence; area estimate and centroid of each pool.

Characteristics and Recommended Use

The Swimming Pool AI Layer (and associated information summarised in AI Parcels) is exceptionally high quality. Edges (and therefore the area estimate) for unobscured pools are highly accurate. Pools are successfully captured under highly challenging conditions – covers, shadow, shade cloth and trees.

When we state there is a swimming pool in a parcel, the vast majority of incorrect cases are either parcel errors (the Swimming Pool actually lies in the neighbouring property), or small, round trampolines that look very similar to small, round above ground pools with a black cover. Similarly, the missed pools are almost exclusively either small, round above ground swimming pools that are less than 10m2 (covered, or in extremely poor state of repair), or parcel errors, where the pool is detected as being in the neighbouring property.