The Solar Panel pack includes two types of solar array. "Solar Panel" represents photovoltaic panels (both rooftop and ground based). "Solar Hot Water" represents the panels that heat water directly on a roof.


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(tick)(tick) "Solar Panel" feature class (vector polygon).(tick) Solar PanelSolar panel presence; area estimate and centroid of each solar array.

Characteristics and Recommended Use

The Solar Panel AI Layer (and associated information summarised in AI Parcels) is exceptionally high quality. It is often difficult for a human to distinguish between photovoltaic and water heating panels from imagery, and the model is usually correct in these cases. Most panels have very high confidence (>90%), and almost certainly represent photovoltaic panels. The few with lower confidence are typically solar hot water, or panel-like roof structures such as skylights. You can use a confidence cut-off to include or exclude those panels that might represent hot water systems.

Where we state a parcel has solar panels, almost all of the false positives are solar hot water, with just a small portion of regular roof structures and skylights. The missed panels are due primarily to extremely glary reflections, very old style panels (small 0.5-1kW arrays from before 2010), and the rare panels under extreme tree shadow.

Note the panels with glary reflections are successfully detected, but with lower confidence.