Construction Site


An area showing signs of either active or stalled construction, at any phase – cleared ground,  excavation works, foundations/slab down, frame up, or roof rafters. Residential and commercial construction is included, as is minor repair work, presence of construction vehicles, and similar visual clues to construction work.

Characteristics and Recommended Use

Unlike many of our AI Layers, a Construction Site does not have a clear and unambiguous boundary. As such, the location and area information in an AI Parcel export represents the centroid and area of the property parcel, rather than the construction site itself, even if the construction is minor. Due to the massive amount of variation in the visual appearance of a Construction Site, this data set has very different performance characteristics to the other attributes (lower confidence and statistical performance overall). However, it is still highly effective at identifying construction activity. The confidence level can be used to select between only very clear, active building construction and more loose "construction like" scenarios.

Note that from Gen 2 data onwards, Construction Site recognition obtained a substantial boost in performance.

When we state there is a construction site on a parcel, the incorrect cases are made up almost entirely of "construction like" areas, such as landscaper's work yards, rocky beaches with waterfront properties, or other areas that are visually similar to construction. The second highest cause of error is incorrect parcel boundaries, where the construction site actually lies in the neighbouring property. Of all the construction sites we miss, the majority are either bare earth (where there is little evidence of actual construction) or very minor construction (such as repairs on a small part of a roof). This means that we miss only a small portion of the parcels where clear, active construction is ongoing.

Construction site classification typically include

Demolition SitePresence of Cranes, Trucks,
Scaffolding, etc.
Partially Constructed Building 
(No Roof Yet)

Various stages of constructionPartially Complete (Roof On)Partial Construction 
(e.g. roof repairs or extensions)

Cleared Ground

Construction site classification typically exclude

Cleared Vacant Lot (Long Term)

Building Complete,
No Landscaping

Most Common Errors