AI Offline Vector is ideal for organisations that want the most powerful, flexible data, that is closest to what many would consider a "map". It contains features, which are polygons or shapes that represent objects in the world. Each of these features also has a set of attributes, metadata such as confidence, and area calculations that describe the properties of the feature. The vector maps are available in geospatial formats such as GeoPackage and others.

Usage Notes

  • Where the requested AOI intersects with multiple Nearmap Surveys, multiple files will be returned. This permits complete transparency regarding edges where partial or overlapping objects may be present due to multiple flight paths.
  • Every feature has a unique ID, and metadata attached. This does not include any address or property information (for that, you need AI Offline Parcel).
  • At the edges of an AOI, "continuous" objects (such as those from the Vegetation and Surfaces AI Packs) are trimmed to the boundary of the AOI. For other discrete objects, the whole object is returned, which may extend beyond the boundary of the AOI. This is to preserve the integrity of metadata such as precalculated areas, ratios and relationships between objects (such as the dominant roof material).