Offline deliveries of AI content are available and recommended for organisations without software engineers who can work with an API, and who have a single geography in which they work. A good example would be a local government organisation that wants an offline "map" of their county or LGA.

How to get AI offline

For more information on setting up a one-off or recurring offline delivery, please talk to your Account Manager.

In general, you will need to provide:

  • Information about the Area of Interest (AOI). Either a geospatial file of the boundary, or an area that is clearly defined by a boundary, such as a county name.
  • Information about dates and timing. Most dates visible in MapBrowser are available for offline delivery. Consider recency vs seasonality, whether any historical dates are needed to assess change, and how often you want data in future.
  • Which AI Packs you want (the easiest method), or which set of AI Layers if none suits.
  • Which products(s) as per the list below are needed.

AI Offline Products

These offline deliveries are available as three distinct products:

  • AI Offline Vector

    AI Offline Vector is ideal for organisations that want the most powerful, flexible data, that is closest to what many would consider a "map". It contains features, which are polygons or shapes that represent objects in the world. Each of these features also has a set of attributes, metadata such as confidence, and area calculations that describe the properties of the feature. The vector maps are available in geospatial formats such as GeoPackage and others.

  • AI Offline Raster

    AI Offline Raster requires the most geospatial expertise to work with. While it technically contains more information than vector (each individual pixel, rather than a whole feature, has a confidence value), it does not include our enhanced vector processing, and metadata such as 3D derived attributes. Unless you really know you need raster, you are almost certainly better off with our vector products.

  • AI Offline Parcel

    AI Offline Parcel data is closest to the original .csv "rollup" file offered through MapBrowser. Many companies would refer to this as "property attributes". It is a highly simplified form of content compared to our raster and vector map products, as it will condense things like a complex multi-building commercial property into a single number for building area. We only recommend AI Offline Parcel for organisations that require a highly simplified spreadsheet of data that is mapped directly to addresses.

Bulk updates on large areas, such as whole states or countries, are better suited to the level of control allowed by the AI Feature API, due to the complexity of defining and delivering large data sets that span many surveys.

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