AI Packs

AI Packs control the content you have access to in the online experience of Nearmap AI. Adding AI Packs to your subscription will determine what AI Layers are made visible in MapBrowser, and what data is present in your online exports.

AI Generations

As we continue to innovate and improve Nearmap AI, we mark major changes in performance and capability with a new "generation" of content. This section provides a description of the new performance, features and content introduced with each generation of Nearmap AI data. Multiple generations will be available for export at any given time, with the latest generations typically on the most recent capture dates.

  • Generation 1 AI ContentGen 1 is the AI data set that was released for viewing and export with the launch of Nearmap's AI in MapBrowser back in June 2020.
  • Generation 2 AI ContentNearmap Gen 2 AI content incorporates the USA Spring 2020 and AU 2020 data refresh.
  • Generation 3 AI ContentGen 3 uses the same raster AI Layers as Gen 2, but with a fundamentally new vectorisation process that we call "Open World". At the most basic level, Open World vectorises all features, regardless of parcel boundaries, allowing us to remove a number of caveats around large or missing parcels, buildings being cut to parcel boundaries,  and regional variation in parcel quality.
  • Generation 4 AI ContentGen 4 is powered by a new raster model with the addition of eight new AI Layers for roof condition and construction. Gen 4 also improves existing layers already available in Gen 3. Open World vectorisation has been expanded, enhancing some existing AI Packs and adding new ones. Gen 4 processing includes every survey from mid 2020 to present, and coverage now extends beyond Australia and the USA to include Canada and New Zealand.

AI Layer Glossary

Nearmap AI contains a rich and continually growing library of content. AI Layers are the most basic unit of content; they feed into all of our AI data products, can be ordered as an offline data delivery, and in some cases can be visualised within MapBrowser. The AI Layer Glossary provides a flat list of all AI Layers produced by our models, along with definitions, examples, and links to any AI Packs that make them available.