All Nearmap Users

Your Nearmap account is your gateway to your organisation's Nearmap subscription.

As a Nearmap user or administrator you can access MyAccount to manage your profile and your Watchlist. You can also set up API and WMS 2.0 keys from within MyAccount.

Go to MyAccount

Your Profile

Your Nearmap profile is where you update your personal details or change your password.


Your Watchlist

Your Watchlist is a collection of the locations that you've opted to watch in MapBrowser. From your Watchlist you can control how you watch that location and whether you're notified of updated imagery for that location.


Your API Keys

You set up your own API keys as well as simple and custom WMS keys from MyAccount. This is discussed in more detail in the API Section.


Nearmap Administrators

As a Nearmap administrator you are able to manage users, monitor account usage and view your company's billing and subscription details. You also have the power to set up integrations.

Manage users

Nearmap administrators are responsible for getting users up and running with Nearmap. Administrators will invite users to a Nearmap account and Administrators can grant, revoke and change a user's Nearmap license.

An administrator has the power to make a user a Nearmap administrator.


View data usage

Nearmap administrators can view the consumption on your Nearmap account. Consumption is charged by usage type.


You can view

  • Usage for each subscription (where there are multiple)
  • 12 month usage history if your allowance is annual
  • Monthly usage
  • Usage per user


What consumes data? It is worth understanding what actions consume data from your subscription.

document About data usage

View billing and subscription

As a Nearmap administrator you can view billing information and update credit card details, as well as view and make changes to your subscription, such as limiting an account and setting auto renew.


Manage API Applications

API Applications allow you to organise your Nearmap API integrations, and to set different access restrictions for different integrations. You can have as many API Applications as you need on your Nearmap account. Once you've set up an API Application, other Nearmap users will be able to create their API keys.

You must be a Nearmap administrator to create and manage API Applications. 


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