• Tarpaulins of various colours and other temporary roof repair materials.
  • Tarpaulin anywhere other than on roof.
  • Parts of roof that are not yet repaired, or do not require repair.
Suitable Use Cases
  • Most use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in  AI Packs.
Usage Notes

This layer can be used to track the repair and recovery process after a catastrophic event, as structurally damaged roof shifts to temporary repair, then construction and ultimately a fully recovered community.

The most common error is a roof under construction which has plastic sheeting such as sarking installed, but the roof external material such as tile or shingle is not yet in place.

AI Packs

AI Pack: Roof Condition

(from Gen 4 onwards)


Any part of a roof with temporary repair work, such as tarpaulin, over structurally damaged parts which makes the roof waterproof.


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