• Structural damage caused by catastrophic events (such as storms)
  • Structural damage caused by long term degradation to the point of failure.
  • Roofs under active construction.
  • Temporarily repaired structural damage.
  • Other forms of roof degradation that are unlikely to leak in the event of normal rainfall (ponding, rusting, discolouration).
  • Damaged roof where the building underneath has been fully destroyed (a structurally damaged roof is attached to a building structure).
Suitable Use Cases
  • Most use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in  AI Packs .
Usage Notes

Structural damage is most useful to assess buildings after a catastrophic event - however it can also detect buildings that are run down to the point of no longer being habitable. The expectation is that a roof with structural damage must be urgently repaired in order to keep the building habitable.

AI Packs

AI Pack: Roof Condition

(from Gen 4 onwards)


Any part of a roof with structural damage that could cause water leakage that has not been repaired (either temporarily or permanently). A section of roof which has been temporarily repaired to be water-tight (such as with a tarpaulin) is excluded.


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