• Buildings with parts at least 1.5m above ground level that are incomplete.
  • Both residential and commercial/industrial buildings.
  • Early stages (foundation and slab).
  • Late stage (completed roof, but surrounding landscaping etc. ongoing)
  • Buildings in disrepair caused by damage.
Suitable Use Cases
  • Most use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in  AI Packs .
Usage Notes

This layer helps refine the state of a construction site in two ways - the physical location (it is constrained to the actual building, not the entire site), and the stage (initial preparatory work including foundations are ignored).

The most common cause of error will be the inclusion of structurally damaged roofs and buildings, as it is can be difficult to visually distinguish between e.g. exposed rafters due to damage, and due to active construction work.

AI Packs

AI Pack: Construction

(from Gen 4 onwards)


Buildings in a state of ongoing construction, where work has progressed beyond foundations (typically at least walls present), but has not yet reached the stage of a finished roof.


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