• All vehicles purpose built for construction work that have wheels.
  • Fixed cranes which go on top of buildings
  • Normal cars which might be parked at a construction site
  • Wheeled construction vehicles while in transport on roads
  • Wheeled construction vehicles when parked say in a builder's driveway or a designated carpark
  • A tradesman's ute
Suitable Use Cases
  • Most use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in  AI Packs .
Usage NotesConstruction Sites are complex, involving many stages and sub-types. The presence of wheeled construction vehicles may be a useful indicator of active construction and excavation work (rather than dormant sites, or those in the later stages).
AI Packs

AI Pack: Construction

(from Gen 4 onwards)


Any wheeled heavy construction vehicles, such as loaders, bulldozer, excavator, diggers, grader, wheeled tractor scrapers, trencher, and smaller wheeled cranes that are being used in a construction project must be marked. 


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