The base of any pole which is taller than 2m with a light attached, intended for illumination (whether or not it is also a power pole).

Layer details

AI PacksNot yet available
  • Street lights, flood lights (for lighting of parks, ovals)
  • Any vertical pole with light attached
  • Power Poles (but only if the power pole also has a light attached)
  • Traffic light poles (but only if the traffic light pole also has a regular street light attached)
  • Lights that are not mounted on poles
  • Lights that are on poles under are less than the height of a person.
  • Lights that are attached to buildings and do not have their own pole
  • Poles with traffic lights (if the pole does not have any regular lights attached)
  • Power Poles (if the pole does not have a light attached)
Suitable Use Cases
  • with power poles to identify power, light, and power+light poles.
  • Managing street lighting, and potential 5G antenna locations.
Usage NotesThe most natural analysis relies on identifying the centroid of each raster "blob" of pole. Analysis indicates that these centroids are on average within around half a metre from the actual pole base location in the image.
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