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This datasheet includes the following sections:

3D Products Aerial Capture Specifications

The following table applies to all four 3D products:


Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)

6" or 15cm for Textured Mesh, Point Cloud, and DSM
2" or 5cm for True Ortho
Absolute Horizontal Accuracy11" or 28cm RMSEx/y
Absolute Vertical Accuracy

16" or 40cm RMSEz

Datum / Projection


WGS84 - only for Textured Mesh SLPK and Cesium

AU: AHD (AusGeoid09)
US: EGM2008

Image BandsRGB Natural Color
Delivery Methods
  • Export from MapBrowser (if under 50 km2)
  • Secure Cloud Transfer (if under 24GB)
  • Hard drive (if over 24GB)

Textured Mesh

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export
.3MXBentley Systems

.SLPKESRI ArcGIS Earth, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online

Cesium 3D TilesCesium Apps



LODTreeBentley OpenCities Planner

Point Cloud

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export



FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export
.TIF (GeoTIFF 32 bit floating point)Various

.ASCII Various

True Ortho

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export
.TIF (GeoTIFF 32 bit floating point)Various

.JPEG Various

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