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Point Cloud is a set of points describing a 3D space. The point cloud is a derived content type of the 3D reality mesh generated by regular sampling of space and surfaces at a target resolution. 

 A building illustrated as 3D Textured Mesh:

The same building illustrated as 3D Point Cloud:

Delivery and Supported Formats

The 3D products are delivered either online using MapBrowser 3D Export, or offline or via Secure Cloud Transfer. 

For offline 3D content please contact your Nearmap account manager.

The supported formats are:

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export


Viewing 3D Point Cloud in Third-Party Applications

You can view Nearmap 3D Point Cloud content in the following third-party applications: 


Product Constraints

3D reconstruction is determined by the ability to reliably resolve objects from at least two different viewing angles.

  • Objects hidden or occluded would not be reconstructed reliably.
  • Typical sensible point spacing would be around 15 cm (i.e. consistent with our 3D resolution), however larger or smaller spacing can be supported.
  • The point cloud will not contain any extra information than the textured mesh; if we cannot resolve in the mesh, the point cloud will also be the same.
  • Point cloud will likely be significantly larger in file size than the 3D mesh. Specialized software can optimize the storage of point cloud to make it perform better
  • The  point  cloud is unclassified in the sense that points are not labelled as ground, tree, building, etc. as is often done for Lidar point clouds. 

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