Nearmap 3D content can be consumed in third-party applications:

ArcGIS Pro - Advanced Tools

Textured Mesh

Nearmap’s 3D Textured Mesh has been developed for consumption in specialized 3D software packages. 

3D Textured Mesh in ArcGIS

3D Textured Mesh in Bentley Systems

3D Textured Mesh in Autodesk

  • Autodesk Revit (FBX files)

Point Cloud

Nearmap's 3D Point Cloud is also a Design and Engineering ready product that many of our target customers can utilize immediately in their existing applications.

3D Point Cloud in ArcGIS Pro

3D Point Cloud in Autodesk


Nearmap’s Digital Surface Model (DSM) is an analytic-ready, raster data set to be consumed in common GIS software packages.


Nearmap's True Ortho is a versatile product for decision making and is ready-to-use in common GIS software packages.