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3D in MapBrowser: 3D Imagery is now available for Viewing, Measuring, and Exporting in New MapBrowser. In addition to the documentation, you can view our MapBrowser 3D video tutorial. 

Product Types

Nearmap's 3D product types includes:

  • 3D Textured Mesh - geo-referenced 3D surface representation designed for photo-realistic visualisation and real-world modelling.
  • 3D Point Cloud - a set of points describing a 3D space, derived from the 3D reality mesh. 
  • DSM a data set that represents a model of elevation of various points on the earth's surface.
  • True Orthoa data set that is used to show Nearmap imagery geometrically corrected ("orthorectified").


The 3D products are delivered either online using MapBrowser 3D Export, or offline or via Secure Cloud Transfer. 

For offline 3D content please contact your Nearmap account manager.

Supported Formats

The supported formats are:

FormatMapBrowser ExportTypical download size per km2 / mi2
3D Textured Mesh

0.5 GB / 1.28 GB

0.8 GB / 2.05 GB
Cesium 3D Tiles

0.6 GB / 1.54 GB
1.5 GB / 3.84 GB

1.4 GB / 3.58 GB
0.375 GB / 1 GB

3D Point Cloud

1.1 GB / 2.8 GB
.TIF (GeoTIFF 32 bit floating point)

150 GB / 358 GB
150 GB / 358 GB
True Ortho

900 MB / 2.3 GB

150 GB / 358 GB

Note: the typical download size per square km and square mi varies a lot, depending on the complexity of the scene.

3D Coverage

Please refer to our Nearmap Coverage page to see the up-to-date 3D coverage in the US and in Australia.

Third-Party Applications

Please refer to 3D Content in Applications for the list of third-party applications that can be used to consume Nearmap's 3D content.

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