4 Construction Site

  • Demolished building site (bare) with ground prepared for construction.
  • Partially constructed building (roof not yet installed).
  • Part of a building being constructed (e.g. roof repairs or extensions)
  • A completed building undergoing repairs, extensions or renovations
  • Presence of cranes, trucks, scaffolding, etc.
  • No longer a construction site when the building appears habitable, and the construction equipment is gone.
  • Just rubble
Suitable Use CasesMost use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in AI Packs
Usage Notes

This layer may be useful if other raster analysis is already being performed.

Confidence scores can be very low in parts due to the wide range of visual appearances of construction, so careful selection of a threshold to suit the use case is important. Areas are likely to be highly dependent on threshold choice.

AI Packs


An area showing signs of either active or stalled construction, at any phase – cleared ground,  excavation works, foundations/slab down, frame up, or roof rafters. Residential and commercial construction is included, as is minor repair work, presence of construction vehicles, and similar visual clues to construction work.


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