• Roof of a permanent structure such as a house, unit, commercial building, garage, large garden shed, carport.
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Roof of stadiums
  • Flat commercial roof.
  • Any material (tiles, corrugated iron, wood, concrete, etc).
  • Partially installed roofs - only the part which has been installed
  • Roofs which are primarily designed for a purpose other than keeping the weather out. Eg. roof top car parks and gardens. 
  • Temporary shade structures, awnings, anything without a hard surface for a roof.
  • Portable structures (e.g. caravans).
  • If the structure itself is temporary then it should not be labeled (See definition of roof, which only applies to permanent structures). 
  • Parts of a building undergoing construction, or one with damage, where the roof is not physically present in parts.
Suitable Use CasesMost use cases are better served by the vectorised product described in AI Packs
Usage NotesThis layer may be useful if other raster analysis is already being performed.
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A permanent roof covering a building, that is not designed to serve other functions (such as car parks and rooftop gardens).


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