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Top Faqs

How is data usage calculated?

You can consume Nearmap data in a variety of ways. Within MapBrowser, for example, data is consumed when new tiles are downloaded from Nearmap's servers. The bigger your monitor, the more tiles you can fit in view and therefore the more data you will consume. However, once you are zoomed out below zoom level 14, no matter how much panning or how big your screen is, we won't count data.

Find out what does and does not consume data in this article
About Data Usage

When will my areas' coverage be updated?

We capture our imagery using light aircraft. There are a number of factors that impact our ability to fly a new survey. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Negotiations with Air traffic Control
  • Weather concerns such as high turbulence and large amounts of cloud cover
  • Low angle of the sun (This causes shadows to be captured which mar the photos).

For these reasons, we are unable to give specific schedules for our imagery updates. To get a good understanding of when you should expect our surveys to be updated we recommend you:

Note that significant events such as the 2019 - 2020 Australia bushfires or the 2020 global pandemic will have significant effects on our capture plans. 

Where can I find the date of the photo?

Our imagery is stored in individual 256 pixel by 256 pixel sized tiles. You are able to confirm the date and time that the imagery in the tile was captured by using the location tool. Once you drop a pin on a tile you will be presented with relevant information for that tile. Such as the latitude / longitude and the date and time the tile was captured. 

Note that the date and time of one tile will not guarantee that the rest of the tiles on screen were captured at the same date and time. 
See: Survey Date and Photo Time

Is Nearmap down?

If you can't access any Nearmap services, check our status page.

Our status page is the primary way that we notify customers when there are planned and unplanned outages. Better still, subscribe to our service to receive updates from our status page: 


How do I update my billing information?

This information is only available to account administrators. If you are an administrator, log into your Nearmap account and click My Profile > Account > Billing. On this screen you can update or add credit card details. Find out how to do this here: View Billing and Subscription Information. For any other billing enquiries email accounts@nearmap.com.

When will our usage reset?

Usage resets on the first day of the month. Please note that our usage is managed in the GMT time zone. This means that usage will roll over at 12:00am GMT. 

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