This section explains how to capture network traffic to identify network problems using Nearmap.

Intended Audience

The steps in this article are intended for use by customers who are having network problems using Nearmap services. 

Warning: Installing and running tools mentioned in this article requires administrative access and should only be performed by your system administrator.

Privacy Notice

The steps in this article will result in a full network capture of the computer running Wireshark™. This may lead to unintended private information to be sent to Nearmap. In order to minimize such private information, please close all programs that connect to internet, including email clients and web browsers (unless specifically instructed in the below steps).

Performing Network Capture

  1. Download Wireshark from

  2. Follow the installation steps to install Wireshark.

  3. Open Wireshark.

  4. Go to menu Capture > Interfaces.

  5. Select active interface and press Start.

  6. Perform the action that is not working for you as instructed by Nearmap support personnel (i.e. open in the browser, add Nearmap layer in your WMS application etc).

  7. Upon reproducing the issue, in Wireshark go to menu Capture > Stop.

  8. Select File > Save and save the capture file to your disk.

  9. Send the capture file saved in Step 8 back to Nearmap support personnel as instructed.